What We Do

We help brands and retailers find new paths across digital terrains. As shopping transforms from an active and fixed activity to a more passive and on-demand pursuit, shopper marketing must adapt as well. The mechanics of awareness, consideration and conversion still drive the shopping process, however the consumption of information and moment of truth is now decidedly at a time and place of the consumers’ choosing.

The Katadhin Company - What we do

What’s the Problem?

Content is the pathway of commerce and digital is the way that consumers travel that path. The problem is, like the Appalachian trail in May, that pathway is crowded. Not only that, digital marketing has abandoned brand building for the most part and has become overly promotional. Every communication is about conversion.

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The Katadhin Company - Social Media Marketing

From stores to emails to social feeds. messaging is pervasive …and overwhelming

The Solution?

KatadhinCo Special Sauce

Whether its saving money, planning parties or collecting sneakers, there is a community of people who share that passion and are connected through social media.

We immerse ourselves in those groups to learn who and what motivates and inspires them. We then create a customized plan to connect with consumers through engaging content and create desired outcomes through efficient paid media.

Our mission at KatadhinCo is to help brands and retailers create sustainable content+commerce models that deliver Share of Voice market leadership.

Our Hikers

Our team consists of marketers, social strategists and technologists; delivering proven digital shopper marketing results for our clients.

We’ve created platforms and managed campaigns for many fortune 100 brands both internally and externally.

Our goal is to help our partners navigate a constantly changing communication world and deliver marketplace leading reach, share of voice and conversion.

Hike With Us

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